Behind the Scenes of the MLBPAA

Last week was full of new and exciting learning experiences for me around the office.  I have really been trying my best to learn as much possible from everyone.  I spent a lot of my time last week helping out Kate Hutchinson, Director of Membership, Elaine Riebow, Director of Development, and the rest of the “Mem/Dev” team prepare for Spring Training.  It is currently one of the busiest times for the Membership and Development department, because it is the one time they get to explain what the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association does for the current players.  Throughout the week I shadowed Kate and saw what her job entails and how much attention to detail is important.  It is critical that the materials sent with our CEO, Dan Foster, for each team and its players are perfect because the information given to them needs to leave a lasting impression.

As I mentioned earlier, Elaine, our Director of Development was in Colorado Springs from Philadelphia for the week helping with Spring Training preparation.  It was great to meet Elaine and talk to her about her journey with the MLBPAA and everything she does to help our organization.  Elaine explained to me how without the donations given through development from both current and former players it would be a struggle for our organization to be successful.  She emphasized the importance of each and every department and how they are intertwined, resulting in a successful non-profit.  It is remarkable how much attention to detail and consistency goes into her job as well.  As Director of Development, Elaine ensures that all Spring Training materials and records are precise, accurate and up-to-date.

Aside from all the craziness of Spring Training, everything else around the office is fully functioning.  Greg, Memorabilia Coordinator, has been showing me the ropes of our memorabilia department by teaching me how to check memorabilia stock, send out shipments and track orders from our auction site and the Special Events Coordinators, Rene and Eric, have been helping me learn the steps of executing clinics and special events.  I have even been given the responsibility of following through with a couple weekend-long events—creating and sending out invites, agendas and RSVPs, following-up with former players, organizing hotel reservations, transportation, venue accommodations, and more!  It has been a lot of information to retain, but being able to put what I have learned to use has helped me to get the swing of things.

Public Relations and Communications has also been keeping busy.  Throughout the week we did our MLBPAA Spring Clean Sweepstakes via Twitter, where our followers were given the opportunity to win free memorabilia.  Those who retweeted or used the give-away and hashtag #MLBPAASpringClean, during the week were entered to win memorabilia.  Our Spring Clean Sweepstakes giveaways included an autographed Brain Wilson photo, Curtis Granderson Yankees Jersey, Mark Trumbo baseball and more.  The promotion proved to be very successful, helping us clean out some of our memorabilia and gain more traffic on social media!  If you are interested in purchasing similar memorabilia from MLAM’s MVP Club check out this link: .

For a quick update on life outside of work, everything has pretty much been the same.  The weather in the Springs is absolutely beautiful! The snow has melted and it looks like we will have a week or more of weather in the 60’s.  Within the past week I have been able to explore Colorado and I took my first trip to Denver, Woodland Park and Manitou Springs.  My puppy, Summer, and I also took a trip to Bear Creek Dog Park.  For those of you dog lovers, I highly suggest making a trip there—the park is amazing! Other than that, between my coworkers, roommate and I have been staying busy and trying to take in as much of Colorado as possible during my time here.

Talk to you soon!



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Great to hear about all your adventures, both at work and beyond. It seems as if you are learning a lot. Keep the news coming.

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