Learning As I Go

Last Wednesday, a group of employees from the MLBPAA drove to Denver, Colorado for a signing with Mike Trout. This signing was done through Major League Alumni Marketing (MLAM), which is a for-profit subsidiary of the MLBPAA. Several times throughout the year, MLAM hosts private signings with players who have experienced the big leagues with the intent of selling the memorabilia. Mike Trout happens to be an MLAM exclusive player. Initially I did not think I would be able to go, but thankfully the interns were given the opportunity. Being able to work the signing with Mike Trout was a fantastic opportunity and experience. Aside from getting to assist with the signing of one of the greatest ball players in the big leagues, it also served as a great learning experience. With nearly 700 items signed, this was not simply an event to hang out with Trout for a few hours. Instead, I was able to witness first-hand how much organization and teamwork is required to complete a memorabilia signing from start to finish. I had assisted with a player signing within my first few weeks of being an intern, but it was certainly not as similar to assisting with this signing. After the signing, a group of us attempted to go to the Rockies vs. Angels game. Due to all of the rain, we did not even stay long enough to watch the opening pitch. I guess you could say we aren’t true fans, but I was excited to see the stadium at least!

Aside from the Trout signing, these past days in the office have been exciting and extremely busy. As the announcement date for Heart and Hustle Award winners draws nearer, the interns have been working diligently to secure all of the details for the presentations. This includes tasks such as communicating with team contacts, generating press release lists for each team, writing press releases for each winner, and a variety of other responsibilities. Like the Mike Trout signing, being involved with the Heart and Hustle Award has been an exceptionally beneficial experience. Because of the nature of the project, my responsibilities change daily and I’m able to work in many different areas, rather than doing the same task day after day. It has been rewarding knowing that my hard work is paying off and is valuable in the overall success of the Heart and Hustle Award presentations.

Throughout this internship, I’ve been able to recognize how significant of an opportunity I’ve been given. Because of that, I’m looking forward to my last few weeks here at the MLBPAA!



Road to Glory

A big portion of my time here has been spent planning events. Mike, our VP of Operations, will be hosting a series of clinics starting at the end of September through the beginning of October. This series, known as the Road to Glory, will take place in Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Vegas. For the past several weeks, I have been working diligently to plan the initial stages of the clinics, which entails finding and securing baseball fields in the designated areas on particular dates. Because this is my first time planning events to this capacity in a business environment, it has been beneficial learning from my mistakes and victories as I go.

On top of Mike’s Road to Glory, I have also been planning two additional clinics that will be taking place in Cincinnati, Ohio and Basalt, Colorado. For the Cincinnati clinic, the most important lesson I’ve learned is to constantly communicate with people, even if it means over communicating at times. Unlike our other clinics, there are several others parties involved with the Cincinnati clinic. As a result, each and every person must be aware of all details of the clinic at all times. This has been accomplished through conference calls, emails, and a variety of other methods. Assisting with the Cincinnati clinic first has been valuable as it gives me a great reference point for future clinics.

In regard to the Basalt clinic, I recently found out I will be running the clinic. I’m slightly nervous about running my first clinic alone, but I am confident it will be a great learning experience, even if there are a few mistakes made along the way. Since I’m running this clinic, I’m in charge of essentially all aspects of the clinic, such as recruiting alums to work the clinic, communicating with these alums, booking the hotel and flight information, and reaching out to staff members where we will be hosting the clinic. Like the Road to Glory, this has been a great learning experience and I am so excited to see all of my hard work come full circle!

The last week of June, I was able to spend the weekend with my cousin in the Aspen area. We hiked around Maroon Bells and also ate lunch on top of a mountain in Aspen. The views were incredible! This past weekend, I was able to travel home to Northern Michigan for the 4th of July. We have been going there for as long as I can remember and it is one of my favorite places. I loved spending time with my family, even if it was for such a short amount of time!


Picture 1

Maroon Bells

Picture 2

Hiking in Aspen with my cousin, Courtney

It’s Not Goodbye. It’s See You Later

I have some very bitter-sweet news. Unfortunately, today is my last day with the MLBPAA. I was offered a position for full-time job in Castle Rock, CO. It is difficult for me to leave this amazing organization and all the great people early, but I am very excited to start this chapter of my life—establishing my career. I was offered a sales position with a company called MyWedding.com. It is a wedding planning website, and my job will be to sell the website to national companies who want to advertise their service on the website. Yes I know, weddings are very different than baseball, but I cannot wait! There is so much that I can take from the MLBPAA not only to my next job but my personal life as well.

Our day-to-day tasks at the MLBPAA have constantly changed. I love it! It has allowed to discover what traits I am looking for in future jobs that I will work. I have learned anything from cold calling former baseball players to helping get alumni days prepped and ready. I have worked mostly on the non-profit side and it has really made me appreciate all the work that goes into this association. I really enjoy the event planning side of the business. I am quite detail oriented, so that has allowed me to help make sure every part of the process is done correctly and in an organized manner. When I was about half way through college, every course they emphasized on the importance of learning excel. I have used excel every day since I have been here and have learned so much. It really is critical in terms of organization and making tasks simple. This day and age revolves around technology, especially email. It is very important to be able to compose a clear and strongly worded email. With the help from the pros, my emailing skills have greatly improved and I know that is something that will benefit me in work and personal business. I could go on and on about all the wonderful things I have learned from this organization and the people around me. I have made friends that I plan to keep in touch with.

I cannot wait to take what I have learned here to my next job. Every aspect from feeling comfortable with talking on the phone to a stranger by making casual conversation to being able to write a great email and accurately use excel will make me a great business person. This has been such an amazing experience for me and I can only hope to reach the level of professionalism that I have been surrounded with these last two and a half months. Good luck to your baseball team the rest of the season and go Rockies!


What a Stud!

Nolan Arenado is quite the stud. A couple weeks ago we watched a short documentary on his life growing up, and he has always been the star of the show. He made his majors debut at the age of 22 in 2013 and has continuously wowed the crowd with his amazing skills. He has won the hearts’ of Colorado fans, if I can say so myself. After a very successful high school record, Arenado was offered a full ride scholarship to Arizona State University, and he was also drafted in the second round of the 2009 MLB draft. He followed his heart and went on to play for the Rockies minor league team. After a very successful minor league career, Arenado made his big debut and recorded his first home run in his second game against the LA Dodgers. It’s all history from there. Arenado has broken records and won the National League Gold Glove award for 3rd base two years in a row.

This last weekend I was fortunate enough to sit right behind home plate for The Rockies Saturday game against the Brewers. It was HOT! I love day games, but I do not enjoy sizzling in the sun. We had some friends who had four tickets that were right above the home dugout. We moved and sat with them—I was star struck! It was so awesome to be so close and see their faces. I caught Tulo staring up into the stadium—we made eye contact and he started throwing pieces of Double Bubble Gum at us. Yes, of course I chewed all four pieces he threw. Since we were winning, the stadium and the dugout had such a positive and lively vibe to it which made the game even more fun. I mean we did also make it on national TV. If you watch the scene that Blackmon goes into the dugout after his homerun you can see us! Go watch it! We also had a wonderful Father’s Day. We started the day with a hike to the top of Bergan Peak which sits at about 10,000 feet. My Jack Russell Corgi mix lead the pack the entire way up. After we grubbed at The Rio which is my fav Mexican restaurant. Then we took the rest of the afternoon to relax. I love hanging out with my family.

We are getting into planning Heart & Hustle and it is great! I love taking responsibility and being in contact with my ten teams that I was assigned. I cannot wait to see who the winners are! Next month will be the release and that will be crunch time.

I have a fun weekend ahead of me. First our server will be down tomorrow, so that means a three-day weekend! Yay! Tomorrow we have a birthday BBQ and a wedding on Saturday. Hopefully the warm, sunny weather holds up. Have a great weekend!



Heart & Hustle

For the first time since arriving in Colorado, I traveled home to Michigan for a last minute visit. I arrived early Sunday morning to Jackson and returned to Colorado Wednesday. Being home made me appreciate the mountains and scenery here even more, but it was also great to see my family, especially my dad on Father’s Day. Fortunately the weather was beautiful on Father’s Day so we were able to spend a majority of the day outside. I also went to see Jurassic World with my dad and brothers. I’ve heard many mixed reviews but I really enjoyed the movie!

Since I was not in the office on Monday or Tuesday, I arrived thinking I would be working Wednesday through Friday, a short week as it is. As a result of a system update in the office, the office will be closed tomorrow so my schedule is even shorter than I anticipated. Despite a short “week” in the office, much has been accomplished in these few days. I started organizing and planning a youth baseball clinic that will be taking place in Basalt, Colorado toward the end of July. Organizing events such as these has been a great experience as it allows me to further explore my interests and work on something I have never before done to this capacity.

Every year the MLBPAA is in charge of planning and organizing the Heart & Hustle Award. This award is presented annually to a player on each Major League team who demonstrates a passion for the game of baseball and best represents the values, traditions and spirit of the game. This award is voted on by alumni and active Major League Baseball players. As an intern for the MLBPAA, part of my responsibility is to assist with the presentation details of this award for 10 teams in the MLB. Since the winners will be announced July 21st, we have all been working hard to get all of the details secured. This has been yet another great opportunity and I’m sure it will be extremely rewarding once the presentations come full circle.

This weekend I’m looking forward to catching up on some missed sleep, meeting up with my cousin, and exploring the Aspen area. I have never been there before and it will be great to have an extra day to enjoy the weekend.

Thanks for reading!


A New Hobby

This past week has been one to remember. After finally getting used to the altitude here in Colorado Springs, I began my hiking adventures as well as valeting at the Broadmoor. Valet is nothing new to me, as I have been a valet for five years back home at Grand Geneva Resort and Spa, but working at the world’s finest hotel is something else. The property is absolutely gorgeous and I look forward to using the properties resources to my advantage with a few rounds of golf a week! My first time hiking I wanted to go to Seven Falls, however it was closed so I decided to park my car and just climb up the mountain. It sounded like a good idea until I reached as far as I could go and thought to myself, “How am I going to get down from here?” After about an hour of stumbling down and 10 plus scrapes later, I finally made it down and was eager to start my next climb. Later in the week I drove up to Helen Hunt Falls which was absolutely beautiful. I found some more hiking trails, were I became a full blown “Bear Grylls Jr.” I got myself a nice bucket hat and a camelback backpack and have been going on a hike on my off days.

When people tell me that they have to go outside the country to see beautiful places, they are mistaken. There are so many amazing places right here in our country and I am so thankful that I get to experience them every day that I am out here. I’m looking forward to my future adventures coming up, where I will be driving up Pikes Peak, visiting Cave of the Winds, and attempting to climb the Incline. There is so much to do out here and I cannot wait to take advantage of what it all has to offer.

Hiking around the Seven Falls area!

Hiking around the Seven Falls area!

Helen Hunt Falls

Helen Hunt Falls

Garden Of The Gods

                     Garden Of The Gods

Colorado Livin’

I cannot believe how quickly the weeks are passing by here. It seems like just yesterday that I arrived and was nervous about starting a new internship in a new state, let alone, a new part of the country. The nerves have finally passed as I’m becoming more comfortable in my role as an intern and as I’m becoming more familiar with the new area. I’ve also just about reached that point where I no longer need to use my GPS for directions! That’s a feat I’m quite proud of.

The internship has been a great opportunity thus far. Even in these few short weeks, I have learned many valuable skills that I’m confident will be extremely beneficial in the long run. We’ve also been given a variety of tasks that vary from day to day, which makes it interesting. From planning events to calling former alumni players, the responsibilities are fun and significant. Not to mention, the people I work with are great. All of the employees are extremely friendly and are fun to work with and be around.

One of the things I was looking forward to most about living in Colorado was all of the outdoor activities. Although the weather hasn’t allowed for as much hiking as I would like, I have been able to get out and explore the area a bit. Last week I went to Garden of the Gods and walked around. I couldn’t believe how pretty it was! We definitely do not have anything similar to that in Michigan. That is not however, to say that Michigan isn’t pretty. Head to northern Michigan and you might be surprised. I also hiked the Manitou Incline a couple weekends ago. It was definitely difficult but I loved it and am looking forward to hiking it again before this internship is done!

As these weeks keep going by, my goal is to learn as much as possible and make the most of this internship! Given how it has gone so far, I’m confident I will be able to attain that goal.

Thanks for reading!


Why We Do What We Do

Coming into this internship, I was nervous about what all was going to happen during the internship. There was so much I was excited to learn but was still not sure what to expect. As I approach the month mark of the internship, I couldn’t be happier with what has gone on so far. Some of our tasks may seem mundane, but to see the impact we are making makes it all worth it. From calling former major leaguers to beginning to plan the Colorado Springs Legends for Youth Baseball Clinic, things are starting to speed up here at the MLBPAA.

There have been so many highlights packed into this month. From winning softball games to Treat Yo Self Fridays, the fun never really stops here. Throughout the month, I have had so many interactions with people, some good and some bad, but the people truly make this internship. The workplace is amazing and everything we do is for people. The MLBPAA works for the alumni. We want to bring benefits to alumni as well as services, such as pension plans and insurance. I knew what we did was important, but I didn’t realize how important it was until just the other day.

It all began when I started calling alumni living in southern California to RSVP for an event in San Diego. The day wasn’t going well and I was getting a lot of “No’s”. Then everything turned around when I called Foster Castleman. Foster played infield for the New York Giants and the Baltimore Orioles from 1954-1958 with his best year coming in 1956 when he hit 14 home runs and drove in 45 runs. The conversation started like many before, he gave me a “no” but he wanted to keep the conversation going and started taking about his playing days and his life today. Then the conversation took a serious turn and he began to thank me, Dan Foster, and the Association for all we have done. He then went on to explain how the pension the MLBPAA provides for players was helping him. See, Foster played in a time where there was no pension plan. So, when he retired, he didn’t receive any benefits from Major League Baseball. That’s where we come in. We have provided a pension plan for the players who played before the pension plan was enacted. Foster told me the pension plan was helping him and his wife survive. He kept saying how grateful he was and I could really hear his gratefulness in his voice. The rest of the calls were normal but that conversation made my day and showed me how the MLBPAA truly impacts the lives of alumni every day.

Before I hung up the phone, he asked if I played baseball and I told him I played at a small Division III school outside of Chicago. He then told me he really hopes that I get the opportunity to play professional baseball and that he is really pulling for me. This single phone call changed my day as well as how I do my work. Actually seeing the impact we make was a game changer. I wasn’t really sure what impact the work we do had but after talking with Foster, I knew.

So Much to Do, So Little Time

Luke Bryan at Mile High

Luke Bryan at Mile High

Happy almost first day of summer!

I LOVE summer time. I will do anything to be outside in the nice warm sunshine, but not today or tomorrow or the next day, but that is totally alright. I am loving this internship. The people are amazing and so willing to help and answer questions. We have been busy the last three weeks completing random projects around the office, such as making confirmation calls to alumni players, helping ship out memorabilia or stuffing envelopes. Next week we are starting the organization and planning of the Heart & Hustle Award, as well as beginning the preparation for the Youth Clinic in the Springs.

Before this internship began, I was scared to death of making cold calls. My voice would shake and I would stumble on my words. Well, the last couple weeks we have had plenty of practice, and now I am enjoying it. I no longer mind calling players or companies to confirm an event or convince them as to why being part of our membership program will benefit them. I have left more voicemails than I have actually talked to people, but the ones I have communicated with have been so friendly and don’t mind my small talk. Fortunately they do not come off as annoyed by my call, but they seem appreciative that I took the time to call them personally as a reminder. Man, can some of them chat and chat. I love to talk! So it’s fun for me to just sit and chat for five minutes with a former MLB player, whether it’s about the California drought, about the results of last night’s game, or their upcoming trip to the beach. I cannot wait to communicate with more teams and players to start planning and organizing events.

This month is crazy for me! I love being busy on the weekends. Two weekends ago I woke up Friday morning with a cold, bought last-minute tickets to see Luke Bryan on Saturday and then ran a half-marathon non-stop/walk on five hours of sleep in about two hours; so that was quite the accomplishment. I also struggled to walk the next day. This last weekend, I helped host a housewarming party and attended my first bridal shower. Then next weekend we have a surprise birthday party, tickets right behind home plate for the Rockies game and Father’s Day. Last but not least, we have a wedding after that. I love going to weddings. I am somewhat of a romantic and enjoy seeing two people commit themselves to each other FOREVER! A scary thought at the same time.

Well hopefully where you are reading this from it is warm and sunny, because in Colorado we FINALLY have been getting some heat and sunshine after a month of straight rain. Sorry to those in Seattle; I do not know how you do it. Have a great week!


A little post-rain sunset action

A little sunset action

Boulder Rez Half

Boulder Rez Half

Get Your Peanuts Here!



Moab Spring Break '15

Moab Spring Break ’15

Opening Weekend '15

Opening Weekend ’15

Hello friends! My name is Haley Tremaine and I am a 22 year old recent college graduate who is trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I have to start somewhere and that is through being an intern for the MLBPAA for summer ’15.

Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, I was a Dodgers fan. Not an avid, die-hard fan, but just the “attend one game a season wearing my one Dodgers t-shirt, fan colored braces with my family to eat a stadium dog kind of fan.” I loved playing sports at that age, but had little interest in watching others play. I grew up in a mid-sized city about 45 minutes from the beach. This meant my southern California summers revolved around rides to the beach or whichever friend had the coolest pool. My world changed drastically when my parents moved us to Evergreen, Colorado when I was 12, in the middle of winter, into 10 degree weather, driving around cars that were 2WD and ending our first month in Colorado with a $500 heating bill. My dad was traveling all over the country to work, and we had family that lived here. I have a 17 year old sister who just graduated high school and is attending Regis University in the fall for nursing. I also have the two best Australian Shepard mixes who are my running buddies. I grew up playing volleyball, swimming and skiing, but when I moved to Colorado I became very interested in hiking and trail running. I am currently training for my second half marathon and live for sunny Colorado days to be outside.

I attended the University of Northern Colorado for nursing my freshman year, and I decided half way through my first semester that I was not destined, or patient enough, to be a nurse. I switched to business with an emphasis in marketing and transferred to CU Boulder. Go Buffs! I became involved in Greek life and joined Kappa Alpha Theta, as well as working different jobs throughout my college career. I was fortunate enough to be able to study abroad my junior year. I lived in London for four months and traveled to Rome, Berlin and Ireland. It was absolutely AMAZING! I was able to learn how different cultures live, and most importantly about myself the ability to be independent by living half-way across the country after two years of living 45 minutes away from home. I now have the travel bug and cannot wait to travel around the U.S. and the world.

This was also the time that I became a fan of Colorado sports. I love the Broncos, Rockies and Avalanche. My interest in professional sports grew immensely when I started dating my current boyfriend. As a little freshman in college I attended all the spring baseball games— obviously to watch the game— and Dan was a pitcher and an upper classmen on the team. Two years later we reconnected and I gave him a chance. Due to his passion and love of baseball, I have become more interested in learning not only the technical aspects of the game, but also to just learn to love watching it. Our weekends have become revolved around watching the game. With this internship, I strive to learn even more about the game, the players involved, as well as past players and their important contributions.

I have so much to look forward to and acquire with this amazing organization. This will be a summer to grow and a summer to never forget through the skills and friends that I will make. Everyone has been so warm and welcoming, and I cannot wait to contribute my hard work, thoughts and time to this association.

Thank you!



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