The World of Baseball


I hope everyone enjoyed getting to know a little more about MLAM’s intern, Ryan.  Since I am the only spring intern for the MLBPAA side of things, Ryan and I have worked together and built a camaraderie as the Spring Interns.  Working with Ryan has been interesting, as it has given us both the opportunity to learn more about what the other is doing, which keeps us both active in all facets of the MLBPAA and MLAM.  On occasion, when Ryan or I have a free moment, we fill the other in on what we are working on and offer a helping hand.  Although I have been involved with as much as possible here, Ryan has helped show me the sales and marketing side over the past couple of months.

Things around the office have been pretty crazy for me lately.  I don’t know when everything started to get busy, but I swear everyone gave me something to do at once!  I definitely am not complaining about it though, it has been exciting to always have something to do with increased responsibilities.

One of my new responsibilities around the office entails player tracking within the MLB for our membership and development team.  For those of you who know me, you probably cannot believe that I have been doing something like this, but I am and I really enjoy it!  I have been working in baseball over the past three years and I can honestly say I have never learned more about the sport as I have in the past two weeks—I am immersed in the world of baseball completely.  In order to track the movement of the current MLB players, I have had to become well versed in terms such as waivers, free agent, DFA, out righted, etc. as well as pay close attention to trades or whether or not a player was called up to the Majors.  A few years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing something like this, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to do so.  Being able to learn something completely new has kept me on my toes and proven to myself that I can pick up anything if I tried.

Recently, I was given the responsibility of finding a venue for our Legends for Youth clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, which was a great learning experience.  This project entailed researching fields in the area, contacting the manager of the facility and discussing rental agreements and scheduling.  I have also been working on securing players for upcoming events in locations such as: Jacksonville, MS, Lafayette, LA, Long Island, NY and Myrtle Beach, SC, as well as ensuring confirmed players are ready for the events. To say the very least, things have steadily started to pick-up around the office with the MLB season in full force.

I am looking forward to learning more about the world of player tracking and anything else that might come my way!

The Learning Curve

Hello everyone!  My name is Ryan Cannella.  I have been working here as an intern for Major League Alumni Marketing (MLAM) for the past four months and am just over halfway through my internship.  I will start out by introducing myself a bit – I consider myself a Colorado native having moved here when I was in the third grade.  I live in Woodland Park just west of Colorado Springs and have been involved with baseball my entire life.  I am currently attending University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) and majoring in Sports Management.  I first came across this internship opportunity while attending a UCCS networking night back in October.  After talking with Chris Spomer, Sales and Inventory Manager, and Kyle Matthews, Sales Manager, the opportunity to intern for a company that sells baseball memorabilia was right up my alley.

My time here has been outstanding; I have gained experience in promotions, marketing, sales, database management and much more.  The opportunities I have been given are irreplaceable and will without a doubt help me in my future endeavors whatever they may be.  My ultimate career goal is to be a general manager for a professional sports team.  I understand that this is an extremely lofty goal but if you don’t set the bar high you will never make it.  One of my favorite quotes comes from Michael Seander Jr. who said, “The moment you say something is impossible, it is.”

Everyone here at the office is phenomenal to work with and has really provided me with a lot of knowledge and insight.  While each person here is more than happy to help me with different tasks I have been given, the reality is that they all have given me valuable pieces of life and career advice, from my resume and applying to jobs to different tips and tools you can use to help increase sales.  My main responsibility here is to assist Chris in the creation, distribution and sales of our email based MVP Club promotions.  These MVP Club promotions are emails that we create and send out to MVP Club members which include different autographed memorabilia items.  Members then get in touch with either Chris or myself and we complete the sale.  This experience has taught me a lot about promotions and sales, for which I am extremely grateful for.

During the month of March our office was a ghost town, with just about everyone conducting silent auctions at the many different Spring Training locations.  That being said, Chris gave me the challenge of running the MVP Club offers by myself for the month of March.  Along with running the MVP Clubs I would be responsible for hitting the goal of at least 8,000 dollars in gross sales for the month.  The first time Chris talked to me about doing this I was pretty frightened, I didn’t want to be known as “THAT” intern that messed up everything!  As time went on and we got closer to March I began to relax.  Chris has been awesome to work with and helped me grasp exactly what needed to be done with each offer.  I was able to get through the month of March without any major hiccups and was also able to hit the goal that had been set for me.  When first realizing I had hit the goal I had the biggest feeling of accomplishment and relaxation – while also wanting to exceed the goal by as much as I possibly could.  At the end of the month I was able to produce over 11,000 dollars in gross sales!  I guess the saying is true that success breeds success.

All in all, I have had a wonderful experience here so far and would absolutely recommend an internship with either MLAM or the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association.  You will gain valuable experience in many different areas and create relationships with amazing people.  I can’t express enough how valuable this experience has been and how blessed I am to have been given this opportunity.  I hope you all have enjoyed my insight to what goes on “behind the scenes” here at the MLBPAA.


Have a great day,




Halfway Through

I am now more than halfway through my internship here at the MLBPAA!  Man, has the time flown by.  It seems as though just yesterday I was driving around the mountains of Colorado Springs trying to find the office before I was late on my first day.  For you future interns—I suggest trying to find the office prior to your first day because it is definitely not the easiest place to find.

With everything moving so quickly around the office, I have had very little time to come to terms with the fact that I will be graduating shortly.  It wasn’t until I saw everyone at Fresno State posting pictures of their caps and gowns that I realized in a few short months I will actually be a college graduate.  Although the thought of being a college graduate is exhilarating, it also means I will officially be an adult and have to make some grownup decisions.  Personally, the scariest part of it all is that I really don’t know what life is going to be like without having to go to school.  Thankfully, my internship here with the MLBPAA has helped me start the transition from a student into a professional.

Lately, I have been spending the majority of my time helping Geoff and Eric with our upcoming special events.  Currently, we have been working on our Swing with the Legends Golf Classics in Houston, TX and Long Island, NY as well as a new golf event in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The past week I have been sending out invitations, following up with players and confirming attendance.  Although making countless follow-up calls can get tedious, former players always keep it interesting with their excitement about the event and their past experiences.  Since the event in Myrtle Beach is new, I was given the opportunity to create our invite from scratch and put together the mailing materials.  We are also in production with our Spring 2014 Alumni News.  I was able to review a draft of the newsletter and I am really looking forward to see the finished product.

With spring finally here, I’m excited to begin the second half of my journey here with the MLBPAA.

Started from the Bottom, Now We’re Here

Well, folks, let’s see how this goes!  I’m Eric Kronebusch, former Major League Alumni Marketing (MLAM) intern and current Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (MLBPAA) Special Event Coordinator.  I am greatly honored to have been a former intern with this organization, and am now able to share my experiences. It all began when one of my long-time friends, Greg Thomas (now the Memorabilia Coordinator for the MLBPAA) was looking for an internship in 2008. He came across the MLBPAA one day and told me about that he was going to apply to be a fall intern. I was green with envy when they told him he got the internship—it was a picture-perfect fit for him. Little did I know what was coming next. He called me a few months later, in April when I was in school. I remember it like yesterday. He left me a voicemail while I was in class saying the MLBPAA was getting ready to interview for their summer internship program and he thought I should apply. I thought to myself… “I’ve always wanted to do real estate—but I’ll give it a shot,” I’m glad I did.

That May, I began my internship, working with the MLBPAA’s for-profit memorabilia division, Major League Alumni Marketing (MLAM). During that summer, I recognized that I didn’t want to chase my real estate dreams and I instead wanted to pursue a career in sports. I interned with MLAM during the summers of 2009, 2010 and 2011 while in college. Following my college graduation in the fall of 2011, I was offered a full-time position with MLAM as a Sales Associate. I worked with MLAM from December of 2011 through October of 2012. During that time I had experiences meeting Hall of Famers like Harmon Killebrew, and seeing numerous Major League stadiums inside and out. I also gained valuable work experience in sales. During the fall of 2012, I was given the opportunity to work with the MLBPAA in their special events department and I knew it was something I would love. As a special events coordinator I am responsible for logistics of our Legends for Youth clinics, golf tournaments and other charity fundraising events.  Other job responsibilities include securing and retaining sponsors for future clinics and events.  All in all, my job entails a lot of event management.  The leap from MLAM to the MLBPAA has given me the opportunity to see not only most of the United States, but other parts of the world as well.

During this past December, I was given the opportunity to travel to Western Australia to conduct 5 Legends for Youth baseball clinics alongside my co-worker Rene Vizcarra. The trip was something I’ll never forget. While leading up to the trip, Rene and I were both thinking “teaching baseball in Australia? These kids aren’t going to even have gloves…they’ll have cricket gear.” Wow, were we wrong. Upon our arrival at our first clinic in Perth, we pulled up to what looked like a full Minor League ballpark with 100 kids ready to play in full uniforms, gloves and all. The children over there have been playing baseball for years and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it may overtake cricket as one of the country’s favorite sports, based on the turnout and enthusiasm of the children. (We also got to hang out with a few wombats and kangaroos…)



Looking back on all of this, I have seen both companies grow exponentially…MLAM has grown from a 2 person operation to now having numerous employees spread across the United States. The special events department of the MLBPAA has grown incredibly as well. From only 20-30 clinics a few shorts years ago, to conducting over 100 clinics in the United States and internationally. The MLBPAA has also integrated an excellent communications and public relations department that has helped the MLBPAA brand grow from what we were, to what we are now. I have seen parts of the United States and the world that others may never get to see, I have been blessed in my MLBPAA journeys and hope to continue to be surprised by the places I go and the things I get to see because of this amazing career. I always thought my internship was going to provide me with a great few lines for my resume and professional contacts to use post-college while pursuing a career. However, I have realized it has given me much more. It has provided me with a career, lifelong friendships and helped me grow not only on a professional level, but a personal level as well.

By: Eric Kronebusch

Spring is Almost Here!

Baseball season is only eleven days away! This weekend our COO, Geoff, and Director of Communications, Nikki, are headed to Australia for Opening Day festivities.  Around the office, things have still been pretty quiet, which has left a lot of opportunity to get things done.  My most recent project with the MLBPAA has been a “Where Are They Now” feature for our upcoming newsletter.  With this project I was given the opportunity to interview a former player and learn a little more about their experience in the Major Leagues and their transition as a former player.  The most interesting portion of the project for me has been learning the opportunities former players have to remain in the game of baseball as well as how they enjoy spending their time after their playing days.  I have never written a piece like this before, so it has been a very fun and exciting process. 

This weekend we conducted our office Fantasy Baseball draft.  This was my first fantasy baseball draft, but with the help of a friend, I think I was able to pick a pretty decent team.  My first pick was outfielder, Andrew McCutchen, of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Other players on my team consist of Wil Myers, Allen Craig and Jason Kipnis.  Knowing very little about fantasy baseball, I think it will be pretty interesting to see how all of this turns out.  My goal—for now—is to not finish in last place.

We are also gearing up a little more for summer around the office.  We have officially started interviewing applicants for our Summer Internship position.  For me this process is a completely new experience.  It is great to talk to individuals who are excited to get involved in the sports industry and offer their experience and knowledge to the MLBPAA.  I look forward to seeing where this process takes us and the individuals that will come on board in just a few short months.

This past weekend was full of thrills and site-seeing.  On Saturday, my roommate and I conquered the Manitou Springs Incline.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the Incline, it is a popular hiking trail right above Manitou Springs, CO composed of old railroad ties.  The Incline gains 2,000 ft. in less than a mile, making it quite the fitness challenge.  Prior to embarking on this journey, my roommate and I did some research in hopes to prepare for this hike.  WARNING: Do NOT read Yelp reviews if you are interested in hiking the Incline.  They will scare you half to death and make you think the Incline is treacherous.  It was well worth the experience and something I would suggest to anyone with the opportunity to do so.  Surprisingly, I was not nearly as sore as I had thought I would be and it only took me a little over an hour to complete opposed to the three hours I had originally anticipated.  Once we had reached the summit, we took Barr Trail down (about a four mile hike) and tried our hardest not to slip in all of the melted snow covering the trail.  Next time I plan on hiking the Incline I will be sure not to go the day after it snows because it definitely made the hike a little more interesting—especially on the hike back.  I found myself sliding half way down one of the trails in the small stream created by the melted snow after losing my footing down the path.  Now, I am fully aware that my Nike Free Runs are probably not the best shoes for hiking.

photo 1

The Incline


The Incline Railroad Ties

The Incline Railroad Ties


Photo 3

Barr Trail

Sunday was the most beautiful day that I have experienced in Colorado Springs; it was almost 70 degrees.  I took a trip to Garden of the Gods, which is also another tourist attraction in Colorado Springs.  Although my idea to take my puppy, Summer, for a walk around Garden of the Gods was a great idea, I was not the only one who thought to do this.  After waiting about 20 minutes to drive into the park, we got lucky and found parking right away.  Summer and I spent about 40 minutes walking around until we decided to leave because there were too many people, but nonetheless it was a beautiful walk.

photo 5

Me and Summer at Garden of the Gods

photo 4

Garden of the Gods

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


A Month of Work and Fun

Hello again,

I have now been with the MLBPAA for over a month and I seriously could not tell you where the time has gone.   It feels like just last week I had packed my car to the brim and made the 21 hour trek to Colorado Springs from California.  Nonetheless, Colorado feels like home now.  In only a matter of time I was referring to my new place of residence as home and I was no longer using Siri to travel to and from work.  My endless anxiety of having no friends after moving to Colorado is gone as well.  I’d like to think that the people I have met here in the office refer to me as friend too, although some probably still refer to me as “Intern Kaitlyn,” which is alright as well I suppose.  I will confess that before moving here I was convinced I would be bored out of my mind with nothing to do, but now I feel more of a “party-pooper” having to turn down invitations because I need my rest.  Whether it is a night out to do karaoke or just a weekly viewing of the Bachelor at a fellow co-worker’s house, there is always something to do.  Now, my fear of missing out has begun to outweigh my fear of having no friends.

Speaking of the Bachelor, I have never seen a group of people follow a TV show so closely.  At first I thought it was odd how involved both the men and women were, but now I admire their dedication and have to admit I enjoy getting the updates.  Without fail, every Tuesday, I am updated on the latest happenings of last night’s episode while waiting in line to use the Keurig.  Oh the Keurig, I never thought I would feel the need to rely on coffee until I moved here.  At first my caffeine addiction began with the need to stay warm in the single digit weather, but then, without realizing, my morning was incomplete without a cup of coffee.

penrose-house(The Penrose House)

Last week I was finally graced with the opportunity to go on an infamous Penrose House Tour by Eric.  To give you a little background, Our MLBPAA office is located in a building connected to the Penrose House, which is operated by the El Pomar Foundation.  This house belonged to Spencer Penrose, one of the Colorado Springs first settlers.  This facility provides office space and meeting rooms for non-profit organizations to gather and operate.  My tour was not only informational, but it was also entertaining.  The stories I was told on my tour included a magic table that passes papers from one end to another with a magnetic force, a back yard that use to be home to elephants and zebras, secret doors that led to underground tunnels utilized during prohibition, as well as a story of Mr. Penrose who once road his horse into a bar.

I think it goes without saying that the magic table is fictional, but after doing further research on the other stories I can honestly say they are almost all completely true.  Mr. Penrose did have an exotic animal collection consisting of an elephant, 12-foot boa constrictor, bear, fox, deer and elk, but he did not keep these animals in the backyard of his estate.  According to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (another place on my Colorado Springs Bucket List), Mr. Penrose housed his animal collection at his Turkey Creek Ranch as well as at his hotel, The Broadmoor, in pens and cages located in front of the golf course and along the golf course itself.  As for the underground tunnels used for prohibition, Mr. Penrose was an anti-prohibitionist of the 1920s.  The tunnels in his home were used for the elite to consume alcohol between his home and the Broadmoor Hotel.  Finally, the legend of Mr. Penrose riding his horse into a bar; the legend says that Mr. Penrose built the Broadmoor hotel out of spite after the Antlers’ management kicked him out of their hotel for riding his horse into their bar.

For an update around the office, well, it is once again a ghost town.  With Spring Training on the horizon, half of our Spring Training group left Friday for Arizona and the rest of the group left Monday for Florida.  It was a little chaotic around here last week with everyone scurrying to get things done before they left, but it has definitely settled down. For the next four to five weeks there will only be a handful of us here to keep the office functioning.  Our Membership and Development departments are extremely busy continuing to prepare their materials for Spring Training, as well as organizing the inflow of player forms.  I have been keeping busy helping the Memorabilia department with shipping, managing Special Event’s invitation responses and hotel accommodations, assisting Membership and Development with their Spring Training materials and even coordinating Summer Internship interviews!

Without a doubt, my experience here has been nothing shy of exciting—a more than phenomenal learning experience.

I look forward to sharing my next update!


Behind the Scenes of the MLBPAA

Last week was full of new and exciting learning experiences for me around the office.  I have really been trying my best to learn as much possible from everyone.  I spent a lot of my time last week helping out Kate Hutchinson, Director of Membership, Elaine Riebow, Director of Development, and the rest of the “Mem/Dev” team prepare for Spring Training.  It is currently one of the busiest times for the Membership and Development department, because it is the one time they get to explain what the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association does for the current players.  Throughout the week I shadowed Kate and saw what her job entails and how much attention to detail is important.  It is critical that the materials sent with our CEO, Dan Foster, for each team and its players are perfect because the information given to them needs to leave a lasting impression.

As I mentioned earlier, Elaine, our Director of Development was in Colorado Springs from Philadelphia for the week helping with Spring Training preparation.  It was great to meet Elaine and talk to her about her journey with the MLBPAA and everything she does to help our organization.  Elaine explained to me how without the donations given through development from both current and former players it would be a struggle for our organization to be successful.  She emphasized the importance of each and every department and how they are intertwined, resulting in a successful non-profit.  It is remarkable how much attention to detail and consistency goes into her job as well.  As Director of Development, Elaine ensures that all Spring Training materials and records are precise, accurate and up-to-date.

Aside from all the craziness of Spring Training, everything else around the office is fully functioning.  Greg, Memorabilia Coordinator, has been showing me the ropes of our memorabilia department by teaching me how to check memorabilia stock, send out shipments and track orders from our auction site and the Special Events Coordinators, Rene and Eric, have been helping me learn the steps of executing clinics and special events.  I have even been given the responsibility of following through with a couple weekend-long events—creating and sending out invites, agendas and RSVPs, following-up with former players, organizing hotel reservations, transportation, venue accommodations, and more!  It has been a lot of information to retain, but being able to put what I have learned to use has helped me to get the swing of things.

Public Relations and Communications has also been keeping busy.  Throughout the week we did our MLBPAA Spring Clean Sweepstakes via Twitter, where our followers were given the opportunity to win free memorabilia.  Those who retweeted or used the give-away and hashtag #MLBPAASpringClean, during the week were entered to win memorabilia.  Our Spring Clean Sweepstakes giveaways included an autographed Brain Wilson photo, Curtis Granderson Yankees Jersey, Mark Trumbo baseball and more.  The promotion proved to be very successful, helping us clean out some of our memorabilia and gain more traffic on social media!  If you are interested in purchasing similar memorabilia from MLAM’s MVP Club check out this link: .

For a quick update on life outside of work, everything has pretty much been the same.  The weather in the Springs is absolutely beautiful! The snow has melted and it looks like we will have a week or more of weather in the 60’s.  Within the past week I have been able to explore Colorado and I took my first trip to Denver, Woodland Park and Manitou Springs.  My puppy, Summer, and I also took a trip to Bear Creek Dog Park.  For those of you dog lovers, I highly suggest making a trip there—the park is amazing! Other than that, between my coworkers, roommate and I have been staying busy and trying to take in as much of Colorado as possible during my time here.

Talk to you soon!



Football, Flurries and a Full House

Everything here in the office has been more than exciting! Like everyone warned, it is a lot busier here and more crowded.  I think it is safe to say we have a full house.  I have finally met everyone and I am pleased to say that I look forward to working with each and every person here.  Everyone has done a great job at making me feel at home and helping explain things I don’t have much experience with. 

With everyone gearing up to leave for spring training, I have been trying to get to know everyone as much as possible.  In about a week it will be back to about a handful of us here holding down the fort.  This week I have spent a little more time learning about our for-profit entity—Major League Alumni Marketing—and all that they do.  Yesterday I even attended a meeting on how to execute a stadium auction.  For those of you who will be attending spring training in the upcoming months, be sure to check out my friends at our stadium auctions and make a bid on one of our many authenticated items!  I have spent a lot of time this week helping Geoff prepare for our “Hall of Dreams” Celebrity Golf Classic in Miami this weekend, as well as helping Kate with a few membership and development projects.  Like I mentioned, everyone here is really busy getting things together for our upcoming events, so I have been trying to help out wherever I can.

My driving in the snow is not as good as I had made it out to seem last week.  Since my last post I have had a few driving mishaps, but rest assured that I will not give up and I will not let the snow defeat me; both my car and I have lived to see another week of snow adventures.  This week here in Colorado Springs has been extremely cold.  I have been told that the weather is not always like this and that it is 

This past weekend was full of both good and bad stories.  After getting discovering my car is rear-wheel drive and getting stuck in the middle of the road, I decided to keep it low-key and not leave my house in fear of having to call my roommate to pick me up again.  Saturday I helped prepare for Super Bowl sunday and make cakes and other festive Super Bowl foods.  Then Sunday was the Super Bowl and I attended a party with a few people.  As a 49ers fan, I was impartial to the game, but I cannot speak for everyone who was there.  Like every Super Bowl party I’m sure, there was that one Seahawks fan (or opposing team’s fan), who will not be named *cough* Rachel *cough*, who was trying their best to contain their excitement.  Unfortunately, the outcome of the game was not all that the majority of the party had hoped and the commercials were not all that entertaining—in my opinion—but we all managed to enjoy one another’s company and eat excessive amounts of food.

This weekend I am planning to make my first day trip to Denver to attend my first Denver Cutthroats game with some people from the office.  I am excited to get to finally check out Denver and watch some hockey! (Don’t worry, a San Jose Sharks vs. Avs game is in the works as well).

Until next time,


My first week in the office and in the snow…

Well, it’s official! I have made it through my first week of being an intern with the MLBPAA.  So far, it has been a whirlwind of introductions and information.  Almost immediately I was put to work helping with tasks for our upcoming Spring 2014 Newsletter, confirming guest lists for golf tournaments, sending out special event invites and helping with anything else that was needed of me around the office.

I have met almost everyone in the office with the exception of a few people.  Apparently the office is much more loud and busy when everyone is here at once.  Most of the guys working in special events are out and about traveling the world, putting on the MLBPAA’s Legends for Youth Baseball Clinics while the rest of us are here enduring the winter weather in Colorado Springs.   Everyone has made an effort to get to know me and help me figure out the lay of the land a little better.  On my first day, we all went to lunch and another day a group of us went to a local spot and played shuffleboard.

On Wednesday, we got new furniture so it was a little chaotic at first, with all of the moving out of old furniture and moving in of the new furniture.  I think it is safe to say that after a lot of moving, organizing and cleaning we are finally all settled in!   The Major League Alumni Marketing intern, Ryan, and I had some difficulties figuring out how to get our office space set-up, computers plugged in and phones configured, but with the help of Tyler (Special Projects Assistant) and Kyle (Sales Manager) we are now connected to the outside world. I can finally bring all of my SF Giants, SJ Sharks, Disneyland and Golden Retriever decorations to work and make my office space my own.

Colorado Springs has been treating me well!  I am finally getting accustomed to this snowy weather.   I have come to the conclusion that once it gets to a certain temperature it is all just seems really cold to me.  My first day driving into work after the snow was quite possibly the most terrifying experience of my life.  My car was fish tailing, my brakes didn’t work and everything was covered in snow including myself and the entire inside of my car.  I really had no idea what I was doing at first, but I made it to work safely.  Now, after three snow storms, I can finally arrive to work in a reasonable amount of time, without being late and without having a panic attack on my way in.  Although it has taken me time to get adjusted to the weather, my puppy, Summer, absolutely loves it.  She cries at the door when it is snowing just so that she can go outside and roll around in the fluffy snow and come back inside looking like an abominable snowman and soaking wet.

In general everything here has been fantastic!  I am beginning to start working on my own projects and gaining more responsibility along the way.  Every day there is a new opportunity to learn and a “thought of the day” as our CEO, Dan, would say. Whether it is learning how to operate the mailing machine or write a player bio, I am kept on my toes and never bored.

I look forward to meeting the rest of our team next week and making more memories with the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association.

Until next time!


MLBPAA Spring Intern

Hi Everyone!

I just thought I would take the time to introduce myself; my name is Kaitlyn McNicholas and I am the new Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association Intern for Spring 2014.

I will get started with a little bit about myself to help get acquainted.  I am California born and raised.  I grew up in the beautiful Bay Area and somehow managed to make it down to Fresno, CA to attend college at California State University, Fresno.  I miraculously was able to finish all of my courses in 3 ½ years with a major in Sports Administration.

Now, here I am, working as an intern for the MLBPAA in Colorado Springs, CO.  Who would’ve thought that this California girl would move to the snow?  I can tell you that my friends and family sure didn’t think so.

Over the past three years I dived in head first trying to get involved in the sports industry.  I interned with the Fresno junior hockey team helping with everything from marketing, game day operations, community appearances and more; I volunteered with Fresno State’s Bulldog Foundation, which raises money for student athlete scholarships; I interned with the San Jose Sharks in their Group Ticket Sales Department; worked for the San Francisco Giants in their Guest Services department for one season and Ballpark Operations  for another; interned for Fresno State Athletics Events/Operations for two years; as well as spent three years working for Fresno State’s Student Rec Center as a Student Manager.  All of the people I have met along the way have truly helped shaped me into who I am today and I could not be more thankful for everyone’s help and support!

I do have a life outside of school and work, believe it or not.  My favorite sports teams include the 49ers, Giants, and last but certainly not least, the San Jose Sharks.  I have an amazing three month old golden retriever puppy I brought with me to Colorado named Summer (she really is the best dog ever).  I have a new-found hobby of running.  I never thought I would consider myself a runner, but after finishing my first half marathon in October, I’m hooked.

Two months ago I would have never imagined myself moving out of California, let alone to Colorado, but I am beyond excited to see where this journey takes me.  I am looking forward to all of the new people I will meet, skills I will learn and future opportunities that will be presented to me.

I hope everyone enjoys following me on this new and exciting journey and I will be sure to keep everyone updated on how things are going during my time with the MLBPAA.




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